Friday, March 5, 2010


Geeze... where do i begin?!?!

I'm 29... almost 30 in April, which is kind of scary turning the big 30. I'm the 2nd child in a big LDS family which whom i love very much. (3 brothers and 4 sisters... i know, don't even get me started on my family drama! lol). I feel pretty lucky coming from a big family. I'm very close to all my sisters and my brothers and all pretty amazing.

I graduated from Springville High School in 1998... yes, I'm a Red Devil and proud of it! After High School I went to college at the Von Curtis Academy of Hair Design and graduated the end of 1998. (I still do hair on the side out of my home so let me know if you want me to do your hair).

The beginning of 1999 I moved to Alaska and lived there for almost a year. I worked for Princess Tours Alaska on a cruise ship & tourist train as the gift shop girl. Very awesome life experience to say the least.

I got home from Alaska at the end of November 1999. My parents got divorced in March of 2000 and since have both been remarried and seem very happy. I met a guy named Ray the beginning of 2000 We dated for 2 weeks and decided to get married. We had a 6 month engagement and got married in august of 2000. We bought a house in Payson, Utah. I lived there for 8 years till we got divorced in February 2009.

I decided to venture out on my own so i got a cute little apartment in Orem, UT.

My friend secretly signed me up for an internet dating website. It was a very wild experience and i met a lot of cool people. The end of April i met a pretty amazing guy named Mike Winmill... He lived in Simi Valley, California. We Talked online for a few weeks and then decided that we wanted to meet each other in person. The middle of May... Mike flew here and we spent an amazing weekend getting to know each other. At that point, i knew this was the guy i was suppose to be with.

We flew back and forth from Utah to California every chance we got to see each other and we didn't spend more then 3 weeks apart at a time (which got pretty expensive).

The end of August we decided we didn't want to do the whole "long distance relationship" anymore so Mike proposed and we got engaged. Mike looked for a job here in Utah and got the first job he interviewed for (which pays him more money then what he was getting from his job in Cali). Mike moved here the middle of September and started his new job.

We just got married on November 7th, 2009 in our church house in Orem by my bishop. It was a very simple but beautiful wedding. Our colors were Red and White. My dress was very simple but gorgeous and only cost 200 bucks. I made all my own flowers and everything turned out so beautiful. I'll post some engagement & wedding pictures soon.

Our whole relationship has been so exciting, kind of magical like a fairytale. Everything that we wanted has happened for us and we have been so blessed. We're so much in love which is pretty amazing in and of itself. I married my best friend, what more could a girl want?!?!

Mike and I only work 2 blocks away from each other so every day we car pool together... eat lunch together... car pool home together and spend the whole evening together. We only go about 4 hours at a time during the day where we don't see each other.

I work full time at the Utah Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau as the Executive Administrative Assistant (which is just a fancy way of saying "personal assistant" to the boss) and its the coolest job in the world. I've worked there for almost 2 years and I do all their accounting and bookkeeping. Its a very small office but i love the people i work with. Its really been the best job I've ever had. Mike loves his new job too and is very happy he moved to Utah. He's still trying to adjust to our crazy Utah weather but he seems really really happy and content here.

At the beginning of this year... we bought our first house together. Its located in Springville, which is also my home town so I'm happy to finally be home again. Its a cute little townhouse right off the freeway which is nice because we're so close to everything now. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, patio and its about 1500 sq ft. We actually got a great price on it and the seller gave us a gift card to rc willey to buy what ever we wanted and he paid all the closing costs too. We bought a fridge, front load washer and dryer, 50" flat screen HD tv (which is what Mike had to have... lol), entertainment center with matching DVD cupboard and a kitchen table, All of which was free so I think we ended up getting the better end of the deal. We only live 6 miles from work so it only takes us less then 10 minutes to get to work each day. We're so spoiled... lol. We also live really close to family now too so that also makes me happy.

We have 3 cats... Max is the first cat we got and we bought him last October. We adopted him from the humaine society and love him to pieces. He's tan in color with big blue eyes. He weighs about 20 lbs and he's a massive cat. He's about 1 year old and he's fixed, thank goodness. We got Furgie around Christmas time when she was 8 weeks old. She looked like a mix between a raccoon and an ewalk and i think she's adorable. She's a tea cup Persian which means she has a flat face and she won't get very big. She is grey and white and black in color and has the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen. About 3 weeks ago we got our 3rd cat Maddie. She actually came from the same litter as Furgie so they're sisters. Maddie is also a tea cup Persian... she's white in color with pail blue eyes. Just a walking cotton ball if you ask me. They're both already full grown and they're super tiny and furry and cute! Now they're both about 6 months old and they're full of energy. They love to chase each other around the house and wrestle. They're all a lot of work but Mike and i love them so much so its worth it. I'll post some pics of them soon too.

Well, that's enough about me for now. Check back later and I'll keep you updated.

Luvs ;)


  1. All so very interesting. Im so glad you met Mike :) So THATS how you got all that cool stuff for free. Wow. Dang. Thats pretty freekin awesome. <3 your blog background too btw!

  2. Hey Candace. This is Jamie, Ben's wife. I saw your blog info when I was viewing your sister's blog. I love it!
    Come check out our blog anytime. Stop by and say hi :)